Healthy Back-to-School Lunches

Welcome to a new school year! Back-to-school is an exciting time—make sure your kiddo is fueled with nutritious, yummy food to excel every day.

Michael Pollan, a well-known author and foodie, believes there is no “practice less selfish . . . than preparing something delicious and nourishing for the people you love.” Packing healthy lunches and snacks for your child as he or she sets off to one of Sienna Hills’ top-notch schools can and should be a rewarding experience. Whether you fill a lunchbox each morning or devise a system that works for your schedule (pack the night before? prep everything over the weekend for easy grabbing throughout the week?), realize the tremendous benefit of providing healthy, delicious lunches and snacks for your child’s school day.

Here are some simple ideas to keep lunches interesting, nutritious, well-rounded, and satisfying:

Jazz up the Classics
Classics are easy to make, travel well, and satisfy the body. Keep them interesting by offering a fresh spin on a trusted standby. PB&J . . . why not add bananas, or roll up in a tortilla instead of sliced bread?  Tuna sandwich . . . consider cutting into the shape of a fish, and pair with cheesy Goldfish crackers.

Make It Bento
Organizing food into portioned compartments adds visual interest for a child, and may increase the amount consumed versus wasted. Add color and variety by offering green sugar snap peas, red watermelon, orange baby carrots, and yellow golden delicious apple slices.

Just-right Snacks
Snacks are essential to keeping kids energized and focused throughout the school day. Liven up the presentation of healthy foods—cheese and meat kabobs, no-bake granola bars, sliced apple and peanut butter towers—and know you are providing a tool for success.

For limitless ideas, tips, and healthy recipes for school lunches, check out Pinterest; your kiddo will thank you. Happy eating!


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