Step on Up: Best Food Trucks in Buckeye and Beyond

Few things in the food world garner as much excitement as food trucks—and for good reason. Food trucks offer quick, exquisite, and unique fare in an outdoor setting. These kitchens on wheels are taking our culture by storm, and we’re loving it.

Here’s a sampling of the best food trucks in Buckeye and Metro Phoenix:

Buckeye’s Best Food Trucks

Jacky’s Mexican Food
Mouth-watering burritos, carne asada tacos, and shrimp tostadas—reward your taste buds with this authentic Mexican fare. There are rave reviews for Buckeye’s hidden gem!

Harris’ Smokehouse
This establishment offers generations-old family recipes and rubs, melt-in-your-mouth BBQ, delicious sides, and more—all served with a smile—and will have you coming back for more.

Taste of Phoenix

SugarPlum Froyo
Satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down with this invitingly pink food truck offering topping options galore. The combinations are endless—what creation will you make?

The Maine Lobster Lady
Maine lobster in Arizona? You betcha. This best-of-the-best “lobster shack on wheels” has been serving up wicked good lobster rolls for years—earning well-deserved accolades along the way.

Mustache Pretzels
Just need a snack? Why not try a Nutstache—an original hand-rolled soft pretzel drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with nuts? They were awarded Best of the Valley in 2016, and totally deserved it.

Sure, you love to cook in your beautiful kitchen, but sometimes you just need a night out. No matter your hankering, food trucks can satiate your every craving. Luckily, residents of Sienna Hills are conveniently located to partake in the all the food truck craze has to offer, in Buckeye and beyond.

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