Kids and Pools

The weather is heating up in Arizona and that can mean only one thing, pool season! We can’t wait to see all our residents enjoying our beautiful aquatic center here at Sienna Hills Community, but we also want to make sure all the safety precautions are followed and everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer at the pool.

Let’s first start with some statistics about the dangers of leaving kids unattended around water. Every year over 3,500 people lose their lives by drowning, and 1 in 5 of these people are usually under the age of 14. These are terrible statistics and far too many people don’t understand the real dangers of not knowing water safety

The first tip we’d like to offer up is to teach your children how to swim. Living in Arizona means coming into contact with pools and lakes, so it is crucial that your child knows how to navigate in water. The City of Buckeye offers a wide variety of swim lessons at different levels. Start building your swimming skills today!

Another great thing to consider is floaties and/or life vests. While child floaties are technically not a floatation device and should never be relied on solely, they can definitely help make a child feel more comfortable in the water. Whenever you are out in larger bodies of water or on boats life vests should always be worn.

Most importantly, the adult or guardian in charge of the child in the water needs to be alert. A playful situation can turn into an emergency in the blink of an eye and drowning can sometimes take only 30 seconds. Always have a phone near by and be prepared with CPR knowledge. Here are the 10 best places to take CPR classes in Buckeye.

We want everyone to have the best summer possible, which means brushing up on your water safety knowledge! Hope to see you at the Sienna Hills Community aquatic center.