Tips for Moving to the Desert – Arizona Living

Relocating to the sunny Southwest, where “winter” is a relative term? Congratulations! Adventure awaits you in awe-inspiring Arizona, but there are some things to know before your exciting move to the desert.

Here are some tips to prepare you for the unique lifestyle desert living offers:

Acquire Desert Essentials

  • Adequate sun protection—Whether you choose sunscreen, UV-protective clothing, or a wide-brimmed hat (or all three!), be sure you’re equipped to keep your skin covered from the seemingly ever-present sun. And don’t forget about eye protection—a proper pair of sunglasses are a must. Consider sun shades for your car to protect your seats, and invest in a cooler to keep your perishable groceries crisp during the drive home.
  • Water bottles—Never leave home without one. For added enjoyment, seek insulated bottles that won’t sweat in the heat. And don’t forget about Fido! Whether exploring in the outdoors or driving to the store, always have water on hand.


Update Your Shoe Wardrobe

With a year-round climate that encourages you to enjoy the outdoors, expect a new shoe lineup to take you through each day. With rugged terrain as far as the eyes can see, manicured golf courses a plenty, and a deep-seated need for hydration, invest in sturdy hiking boots, comfortable golf shoes, and flip flops with flair. Leave your snow boots behind—you won’t need them here.

Say Goodbye

  • Daylight Saving—When you move to Arizona, there’s no need to fall back or spring forward a single clock. As a state, Arizona does not observe the biannual changing of the clocks for daylight saving time.
  • Snow—Leave your snow shovel behind and experience blizzard- and snowstorm-free winters, but don’t leave your ski equipment behind. Arizona living offers the best of both worlds. Hop in the car and hit the slopes at any of the state’s ski resorts, including Sunrise Park Resort in Greer and Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff.

At Sienna Hills in Buckeye, Arizona, we’d love the opportunity to share with you why we love desert living and to offer additional tips for moving to the Phoenix area. Give us a call today or come in for a tour. You’ll be happy you did.