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Perfect Day Trips and Getaways for Sienna Hills Residents

Need a change of pace? Whether it’s a planned outing or a spontaneous urge to switch up the scenery, day trips and getaways near Phoenix are a perfect way to relax and revive the spirit.

Easy Day Trips from Sienna Hills

Bask in the Romance

Ready for pampering? Start the day sipping lattes and browsing Scottsdale’s plentiful boutiques and shops. Midday, head over to the New Serenity Spa for a blissful couples massage. To round out the experience, splurge for decadence at the award-winning Cafe Monarch in Old Town, where romantic ambiance fills the air.

Discover Something New

Calling all lifelong learners! At just over 2 hours south, Tucson is home to the unique, wildly interesting Biosphere 2. Tour this real-world science lab and gain knowledge about the world around you. Be sure to stop along the way at Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. The monster truck tour is a can’t-miss, exhilarating learning experience well worth your time.

Stay Active

Itching to experience the great outdoors? Head north on I-17 for about 2.5 hours and find nature’s playground in Flagstaff, measuring in at 7,000 above sea level. In summer, take a break from the heat and hike the San Francisco Peaks. In winter, hit the slopes at Arizona Snowbowl. Test your limits and play in the trees year-round at Flagstaff Extreme’s adrenaline-inducing adventure course.

Arizona’s Rejuvenating Getaways

Bask in the Romance

Just 2.5 hours from Buckeye, you’ll feel a world away when you arrive at Arroyo Pinion Hotel in breathtaking Sedona. Nestled among the trees and overlooking the city’s world-famous red rock formations, enjoy the Romance Package, complete with champagne, Jacuzzi tub, and luxurious king-size bed—all with easy access to downtown shopping and restaurants.  

Discover Something New

Saddle up to the past and experience the Wild West at its best. At a mere 3.5-hour jaunt from Buckeye, it doesn’t get more authentic than Tombstone, the “Town Too Tough to Die.” Enjoy re-created gunfights on dusty streets and learn more about Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and the gang. Indulge in panoramic views in your restful stay at the Tombstone Grand Hotel.  While you’re nearby, consider making a stop at Kartchner Caverns State Park in nearby Benson and see one of the world’s longest stalactites on the Rotunda-Throne Room tour.

Stay Active

Take advantage of Arizona’s gorgeous year-round weather and explore the beauty of Havasu Falls near the Grand Canyon. Well-maintained hiking trails let you explore the splendor of nature in this scenic haven. Book a night or two at the Havasupai Lodge and enjoy total immersion in serenity. Pull on your boots and hike in or ride a mule to any of four breathtaking blue-green waterfalls—and be rewarded as the refreshing mist blankets your skin.

Sienna Hills affords a daily lifestyle that is hard to beat, but with its close proximity to some of the country’s most beautiful land, feel free to escape and explore nature’s scenic wonderland. Home sweet home will be waiting for you when you return.

home organization tips

4 Tips to Reduce Clutter in Your Home

Is keeping your new, beautiful home clean and clutter-free important to you? Of course it is!

Here are four tips to help you slay the clutter monster and maintain an organized and clutter-free home:

  1. Bust bad habits and keep it consistent. Whole-home organization is not a once-and-done event—it’s a habit. Conscientiously develop good habits and routines you can stick to. Etch out five minutes of every day to do a little throughout the home, clearing all countertops, dresser tops, tables, and chairs of debris. When you take something out, put it back as soon as you’re done. 
  2. Establish “homes.” It’s crucial that every item in your home has its own home—a place to live. The best part? You get to choose the spot. For any item that doesn’t have a home, consider whether it truly belongs. If it doesn’t, either toss it or donate it. 
  3. Follow the rules. As a family, establish house rules for “stuff.” Some examples may be “one-in, one-out” (e.g., if you get a new shirt, make sure you get rid of an old one); don’t buy what can be rented or borrowed; and if it doesn’t have a home, it’s out. 
  4. Embrace the clutter. What? Yes, you read that correctly. The truth is, clutter plagues even the most organized among us. That said, it’s important to accept that clutter happens and to provide an avenue to manage it. Designate a free space (ideally in every room) where clutter may reside. A drawer? A basket? The choice is yours; just use this space and don’t be too hard on yourself. Make a schedule to sort this space occasionally to keep it under control.

Bonus tip: Is your closet popping at the seams with clothing . . . some of which you never wear? Take this challenge: do one thorough downsize of your wardrobe. When you replace the clothing on the rack, place the hangers facing backward. Whenever you wear an item, hang it up facing forward. At the end of a specific period (a year?), discard any clothing whose hanger is still backward. You don’t wear it, so part with it.

Your home is your sanctuary—be sure to keep it that way.

For more tips on how to reduce clutter, check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. (Literally, check it out—don’t buy what you can borrow, remember?—from the Buckeye Public Library.)


Sienna Hills is a planned community of new homes in Buckeye priced from the high $100s. With year-round outdoor recreation, easy access to amenities, and quality schools, you’ll love to call Sienna Hills home. Visit us online to learn more about our location in “Arizona’s Biggest Small Town.”

best food trucks in buckeye

Step on Up: Best Food Trucks in Buckeye and Beyond

Few things in the food world garner as much excitement as food trucks—and for good reason. Food trucks offer quick, exquisite, and unique fare in an outdoor setting. These kitchens on wheels are taking our culture by storm, and we’re loving it.

Here’s a sampling of the best food trucks in Buckeye and Metro Phoenix:

Buckeye’s Best Food Trucks

Jacky’s Mexican Food
Mouth-watering burritos, carne asada tacos, and shrimp tostadas—reward your taste buds with this authentic Mexican fare. There are rave reviews for Buckeye’s hidden gem!

Harris’ Smokehouse
This establishment offers generations-old family recipes and rubs, melt-in-your-mouth BBQ, delicious sides, and more—all served with a smile—and will have you coming back for more.

Taste of Phoenix

SugarPlum Froyo
Satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down with this invitingly pink food truck offering topping options galore. The combinations are endless—what creation will you make?

The Maine Lobster Lady
Maine lobster in Arizona? You betcha. This best-of-the-best “lobster shack on wheels” has been serving up wicked good lobster rolls for years—earning well-deserved accolades along the way.

Mustache Pretzels
Just need a snack? Why not try a Nutstache—an original hand-rolled soft pretzel drizzled with caramel and sprinkled with nuts? They were awarded Best of the Valley in 2016, and totally deserved it.

Sure, you love to cook in your beautiful kitchen, but sometimes you just need a night out. No matter your hankering, food trucks can satiate your every craving. Luckily, residents of Sienna Hills are conveniently located to partake in the all the food truck craze has to offer, in Buckeye and beyond.

Looking for more? Check out this recent list of the best food trucks in Metro Phoenix.

National Ice Cream Day!

National Ice Cream Day is coming up on July 16th and what better way to beat this Arizona heat than with a nice scoop (or two or three) of delicious ice cream! We are laying out some of our favorite places around the valley to find that sweet treat you are craving.

Old Time

MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain (Downtown Phoenix)

Craving a root beer float? Or any kind of soda fountain classic? Then you need to head over to MacAlpine’s Diner & Soda Fountain. Located in downtown Phoenix, this place takes you right back to the 50’s.


Sugar Bowl (Old Town Scottsdale)

With its bright pink exterior, this place is hard to miss in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. They have everything you would want from classic sundaes and malts to single scoops of your favorite flavors.

New Time

Creamistry (Scottsdale Waterfront)

Creamistry takes picking your own flavor of ice cream to the next level. This made to order ice cream shop freezes your mixture right in front of you with liquid nitrogen for a fun and delicious experience.

Below Freezing (Thai Rolled Ice Cream) (19th Ave & Union Hills)

This unique way to eat your ice cream comes all the way from Asia. These places are popping up all over the valley and are putting a new spin on how to eat ice cream. They take the cream and all the ingredients for your flavor, mix them together and flatten them out on a cold surface. Next, they roll the mixture into 5 to 6 rolls and place it in the cup! Can you say delicious!


Churn (Downtown Phoenix)

With tons of unique flavor options, multiple cone styles and even the option for ice cream sandwiches, this place just might be our favorite. Even better, they use fresh ingredients and no additives so you know you’re making a somewhat healthy choice.


Dream Swirl (Goodyear)

A healthier, lighter version of ice cream, frozen yogurt is still very popular. There are tons of different places to go, but Dream Swirl is just 15 minutes down the road from Sienna Hills Community and has great flavors.



The Frozen Monkey (Goodyear)

Not ice cream, but still a delicious frozen treat, The Frozen Monkey specializes in all things shaved ice. With tons of delicious flavors you are sure to find a combination that you love.


Kids and Pools

The weather is heating up in Arizona and that can mean only one thing, pool season! We can’t wait to see all our residents enjoying our beautiful aquatic center here at Sienna Hills Community, but we also want to make sure all the safety precautions are followed and everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer at the pool.

Let’s first start with some statistics about the dangers of leaving kids unattended around water. Every year over 3,500 people lose their lives by drowning, and 1 in 5 of these people are usually under the age of 14. These are terrible statistics and far too many people don’t understand the real dangers of not knowing water safety

The first tip we’d like to offer up is to teach your children how to swim. Living in Arizona means coming into contact with pools and lakes, so it is crucial that your child knows how to navigate in water. The City of Buckeye offers a wide variety of swim lessons at different levels. Start building your swimming skills today!

Another great thing to consider is floaties and/or life vests. While child floaties are technically not a floatation device and should never be relied on solely, they can definitely help make a child feel more comfortable in the water. Whenever you are out in larger bodies of water or on boats life vests should always be worn.

Most importantly, the adult or guardian in charge of the child in the water needs to be alert. A playful situation can turn into an emergency in the blink of an eye and drowning can sometimes take only 30 seconds. Always have a phone near by and be prepared with CPR knowledge. Here are the 10 best places to take CPR classes in Buckeye.

We want everyone to have the best summer possible, which means brushing up on your water safety knowledge! Hope to see you at the Sienna Hills Community aquatic center.

spring training arizona

Spring Training: A Beloved Arizona Tradition

Dust off your ball cap and head to the stadium, because spring training is officially here!

Every spring, a unique migration occurs under the sunny skies of Arizona. This special time of year, from late February through March, baseball fans fill the stands of the 10 stadiums in the Greater Phoenix area, as the city morphs into a spring training mecca for baseball teams. For locals and tourists alike, this ultimate up-close experience is a can’t-miss opportunity for enthusiasts of America’s beloved pastime. With a game every day and locations throughout the valley, gather the family for an outing full of Cracker Jack® and cracking bats and enjoy the delights of spring training.

Hats Off to Arizona’s Treasure: The Cactus League

Since its inception in 1947, the Cactus League has grown into the United States’ premier hotspot for baseball teams to kick off their season with spring training. Starting with just two teams seventy years ago, the league has now swelled to fifteen teams who recognize the benefits of training in Arizona’s unbeatable warm air under blue skies.

For generations, the Cactus League has invited baseball fans through the turnstiles to meet players and watch teams prep for a rigorous regular season. This entertaining annual event, a cornerstone of Arizona tradition, promises to please!

spring training games

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Cactus League’s location in the Phoenix metro area offers baseball fans convenience, whether they are traveling cross-country or across town. For those heading to the Grand Canyon State, Major League Baseball® has travel packages available. Once in town, there is a wide range of hotel accommodations and eating establishments from which to choose. If you’re fortunate enough to reside nearby, enjoy short drive times between stadiums to catch your favorite teams and players in action – it’s another great part about living the “desert lifestyle” in Sienna Hills.

No matter where you are in the area, there’s a stadium not far away. For residents of Sienna Hills in Buckeye, Goodyear Ballpark is a short 15-minute jaunt, and Camelback Ranch is within a half-hour drive. Check out a map here and head out on an adventure you’ll remember for years to come.

Below is a list of conveniently located ballparks to take in a game or practice.

  • Camelback Ranch (Glendale)
  • Goodyear Ballpark (Goodyear)
  • Sloan Park (Mesa)
  • Maryville Stadium (Maryville)
  • Peoria Sports Complex (Peoria)
  • HoHoKam Stadium (Mesa)
  • Scottsdale Stadium (Scottsdale)
  • Surprise Stadium (Surprise)
  • Tempe Diablo Stadium (Tempe)
  • Salt River Fields at Talking Stick (Salt River)

spring training buckeye

Tickets, Get Your Tickets

One of the best parts of spring training? It’s an affordable activity to enjoy with family and friends. Ticket prices vary but start as low as $8. Buy online or at the ticket office, all of which open between January and mid-February. Check out this schedule to find out when your favorite team is playing, or take the opportunity to learn more about a different team.

Spring is an exciting time under the Arizona sun—a time of celebrating, as a community, an authentic American pastime for all ages. Grab your cap and head out to the ballpark—it’s a blast!

outdoor activities in buckeye

Buckeye: The Outdoor Recreation Mecca of Arizona

For recreation enthusiasts, few places match the amazing outdoors of Buckeye, Arizona. In this unique setting, with boundless nature and a year-round climate, recreation is possible from your doorstep. Whether you enjoy unbounded adventure or prefer to participate in organized events such as movies or concerts in the park, for residents of Sienna Hills, the opportunities are endless.

Freedom to Explore

Nature is an adventurer’s paradise, and Buckeye abounds with miles of rugged terrain promising fresh, exhilarating experiences.

Skyline Regional Park
Head out for a hike or camp overnight in Buckeye’s source of local pride, Skyline Regional Park. This mountain preserve offers the best of the White Tank Mountains: miles of safe trails featuring varying difficulty levels and lengths for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, and wildlife viewers alike.

Buckeye Hills Regional Park
Conveniently located on State Route 85 just five miles south of Buckeye, Buckeye Hills Regional Park offers primitive hiking and biking and beautiful views of the Gila River riparian area. Pull out your compass and delight in your natural desert surroundings.

Woolsey Peak Wilderness Area
Explore the diverse terrain of this topographic wonder and marvel in the solitude and adventure that await you. Gaze upon wildlife in its natural habitat or take in sights of sloping lava flows while you hike, backpack, mountain bike, or ride horseback through this rugged Arizona gem.

Grow in Community

If organized events are more your speed, Buckeye is the place for you. With so many opportunities, what will you choose?

  • Saddle up at the Helzapoppin’ Rodeo Arena for Buckeye Days or stop by for other roping events throughout the year
  • Put on your workout clothes and meet for Fitness in the Park or join a sports team through the Buckeye Recreation Center
  • Play a round of golf at any of the nearby greenways
  • Stock up on local organic produce and artisan foods at the Buckeye Farmer’s Market
  • Celebrate Buckeye Valley’s rich history of cotton farming and take in a car show and carnival at Oktoberfest

No matter the time of year or your interests, there’s something on the calendar to keep you entertained in the outdoors when you have a home in Buckeye.

buckeye scenery

The Beauty of Desert Scenery in Buckeye

Imagine looking out your bedroom window at a view stretching as far as your eyes can see. Jagged mountains climb toward clear blue sky, and authentic desert landscape sprawls before you. Can you feel your lips curling into a smile? Do you feel more rejuvenated?

According to Psychology Today, there is a direct correlation between nature and happiness. Happiness, in turn, positively affects health. Experiencing nature instills a sense of connectedness—to family, to our homes, and to ourselves. By choosing to surround ourselves with the beauty of nature, we offer ourselves a sustained sense of well-being.

You can have this experience and countless others at Sienna Hills in Buckeye, Arizona, a community committed to preserving old-world natural surroundings while providing new-world conveniences and amenities. In a place like Buckeye, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for convenience.

Thanks to homebuilders in Buckeye, who deliver smart-design homes, breathtaking sunsets and wildlife viewing await you from the comfort of your own home. Nearby you can experience the riparian area of the Gila River and explore the expansive land of the Woolsey Peak Wilderness Area. Buckeye boasts 360-degree views complete with a year-round climate to enjoy them.

Here are just a few awe-inspiring sights you’ll experience in the Buckeye area:

  • Blazing sunsets
  • Rugged mountaintops
  • Expansive desert landscape
  • Sloping lava flows
  • Grand saguaro cacti

Check out what’s waiting for you and take control of your happiness. There may be a “Big Sky Montana,” but Arizona has its own gem: Vast Views Buckeye.

A Bird’s Eye View Around the Valley

There’s no doubt that the wildlife in Arizona is amazing, and for some, a drawing point to living in certain areas. With Sienna Hills Community being in a desert area, there is definitely no shortage of critters. National Bird Day was January 5, so we wanted to take this opportunity to teach you a little bit about the birds you can expect to see in this area.


First we’d like to start off with the official state bird of Arizona! Cactus Wren are native to the southwestern region of the United States and even into some parts of Mexico. They like to build their nests in cactus and can be very protective of their homes, so don’t get too close. Their intricate feather patterns make them extremely beautiful birds to look at.


Another bird you will see quite often is the quail. Their cute little feather or “hat” on top of their heads makes them extremely easy to identify. The cuteness level increase a ton when the eggs hatch and mom and dad have 3-8 babies wobbling around behind them!


Up next, the namesake of our football team! Although a rare sighting, if you are lucky enough to see this beautiful Cardinal, it’s a real treat. Typically found more in woodland areas, they are easy to spot up in the trees with the vibrant red color of their feathers.


Hummingbirds are extremely common in Arizona, especially Anna’s Hummingbird. Their vibrant pink and green colors make them easy to spot even at their extremely fast pace. Want to see even more of these guys? Put out some sugar water in a bird feeder and watch them flock to your door.


Another extremely common bird in the area is the white wing dove. Easily spotted by the white feathers on the lower part of the wing, these birds are plentiful during April-September and then migrate south for the winter months.

There are many more birds you can see around this area, but these are just a few of our favorites. The world is a beautiful place and it’s amazing that so many different animals can be right in your backyard, in Sienna Hills Community. We’d love to hear about your bird watching adventures, so please share your stories with us!

best places to live in Buckeye

Location Matters: Why Sienna Hills in Buckeye is One of The Best Places to Live in Arizona

Maybe you’ve heard this one before. What are the three most important considerations when it comes to buying real estate?


That’s right. Location matters. No matter how much you might love your home, there’s no getting away from the fact that its location is a huge factor in your overall quality of life. Even a palace is less desirable if it’s too far away from amenities and shopping, or crammed in-between tightly packed rows of homes.

Sienna Hills: The best place to live in Buckeye

Sienna Hills was developed with its residents’ quality of life in mind. That’s why you can find our stunning collection of new homes in Buckeye conveniently situated along 1-10. Residents love the fact that they have easy access to all the conveniences of living in Buckeye, where there are multiple options for dining and shopping. But they also appreciate the breathing room they enjoy compared to the more congested metropolitan areas east of Buckeye. You can easily hop on 1-10 to get to work or a meeting, but at the end of the day, you get to avoid the crowds.

We also have good news for nature buffs: Sienna Hills is conveniently located at the base of the White Tank Mountains. Residents can easily explore Skyline Regional Park, with its 27 miles of trails and awe-inspiring vistas. Venture just a little further south and you’ll find Buckeye Hills Regional Park—almost 4,500 acres of natural desert.

If you’re looking at homes for sale in Buckeye, AZ, don’t settle for anything less than the perfect location. Click here to learn more about Sienna Hills and its convenient location.