A Bird’s Eye View Around the Valley

There’s no doubt that the wildlife in Arizona is amazing, and for some, a drawing point to living in certain areas. With Sienna Hills Community being in a desert area, there is definitely no shortage of critters. National Bird Day was January 5, so we wanted to take this opportunity to teach you a little bit about the birds you can expect to see in this area.


First we’d like to start off with the official state bird of Arizona! Cactus Wren are native to the southwestern region of the United States and even into some parts of Mexico. They like to build their nests in cactus and can be very protective of their homes, so don’t get too close. Their intricate feather patterns make them extremely beautiful birds to look at.


Another bird you will see quite often is the quail. Their cute little feather or “hat” on top of their heads makes them extremely easy to identify. The cuteness level increase a ton when the eggs hatch and mom and dad have 3-8 babies wobbling around behind them!


Up next, the namesake of our football team! Although a rare sighting, if you are lucky enough to see this beautiful Cardinal, it’s a real treat. Typically found more in woodland areas, they are easy to spot up in the trees with the vibrant red color of their feathers.


Hummingbirds are extremely common in Arizona, especially Anna’s Hummingbird. Their vibrant pink and green colors make them easy to spot even at their extremely fast pace. Want to see even more of these guys? Put out some sugar water in a bird feeder and watch them flock to your door.


Another extremely common bird in the area is the white wing dove. Easily spotted by the white feathers on the lower part of the wing, these birds are plentiful during April-September and then migrate south for the winter months.

There are many more birds you can see around this area, but these are just a few of our favorites. The world is a beautiful place and it’s amazing that so many different animals can be right in your backyard, in Sienna Hills Community. We’d love to hear about your bird watching adventures, so please share your stories with us!