8 Tips for Decorating Your New Home

You bought a new house—congratulations! This is your opportunity for a fresh start. A new house is a blank slate, a chance to renew your life, your outlook, and your style. Have fun!

At Sienna Hills, new houses in Buckeye, AZ come complete with features such as spacious, open floor plans perfect for entertaining; energy-efficient appliances and finishes; and innovative designs, each constructed with high-quality craftsmanship—but it’s up to you to make your house a home. When making this transformation, you may wonder where to start when decorating.

Here are 8 tips to get you started on the path toward personalized style and utter contentment with your new home:

  1. Declutter: First things first—before you even move in, cut ties with that which won’t serve you in your new life. Take the time to go through your things and pack only those that you cherish and want in this new chapter. You’ll be glad you made room for your new beginning.
  2. Settle in: Before you start spending money to furnish and decorate your new space, particularly on big-ticket items, take a few months to settle in and learn the flows of the house. Let the space speak to you and show you its best utilization.
  3. Choose a style: Take a peek at Pinterest or peruse magazines to decide a style you like. What inspires you? Industrial, vintage, farmhouse, rustic, or classy? Even if you can’t decide, this research will offer exciting ideas you can brainstorm until you embrace a style that best represents YOU.
  4. Focus: Every room should have a focal point. Maybe it’s a boldly painted wall, an eye-catching antique hutch, or a conversation-starting piece of art. Whatever you choose, consider what you want your room to say. What do you love most about each room? Accent it!
  5. Make it pop: Rugs and curtains are necessities in most spaces; use them to your decorative advantage—make them pull double duty by choosing colors or patterns that pop and add texture and depth to a room.
  6. Keep it odd: When grouping things, whether it’s picture frames on the wall or candles or vases on a table, it’s best to do so in odd numbers. This creates an appealing look. The most common strategy is to decorate in threes, but any odd number will do.
  7. Add a mirror: Maximize the illusion of space and brighten a space with the use of mirrors. Every room should have a mirror, whether it be small and simple or large and decorative. Be sure to place the mirror on a wall perpendicular to one with a window.
  8. Awaken your inner designer: Decorating should be fun and should ultimately represent who you are. Have fun with it; if you spot something you like, figure out how to incorporate it within your style. Embrace your creative side.

There you have it: easy steps to create that “homey” feeling. Follow these tips for decorating your new home and enjoy the transformation. Ready to get started?


Sienna Hills is a planned community of new homes in Buckeye priced from the high $100s. No matter their personal style, Sienna Hills residents enjoy community parks, outdoor adventure, and a fun year-round swimming pool that makes home easy to love. Visit us online to learn more about our location in “Arizona’s Biggest Small Town.”