6 Money-Saving Tips for Moving to Your New Home

You’ve bought a beautiful new home in Sienna Hills—congratulations! Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to save money when moving day arrives.

Here are 6 money-saving tips for moving that will make the process a breeze:

  1. Make a budget: This all-important (and all-too-often overlooked) first step helps you determine and plan for the inevitable expenses associated with moving and also keeps you on track once the process begins.
  2. Downsize and declutter: Simply put, the more you have, the more you have to move (and therefore, the more it will cost). Go through your home and place every item in one of four categories: keep, toss, donate, or sell. Who knows, you may even make some money! If you don’t know where to start, check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for some great pointers.
  3. Shop around: Whether you pack and move yourself or hire a moving company, you’ll want to make some calls or surf the web to get the best deal available. Be sure to read the fine print and make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.  
  4. Pack it right: You’ve pared down your items—now it’s time to start packing. Organization is key. Be sure to group items as it makes sense to you, don’t overload boxes too heavily, and label everything. Remember: time is money, so make it easy on yourself and make good use of a Sharpie.
  5. Easy does it: Moving day is here! The way you load your moving truck makes a big difference in keeping your items safe and your efficiency high. After all, it’s more expensive to replace broken items than to keep them safe in the first place.
  6. Embrace the change: Be sure to change your address with USPS. As you’re settling in to your new home, watch the mail for great money-saving coupons available for local services and products in your new place.


Ensure your moving experience is a positive one and free up your time and money to enjoy all the Sienna Hills community has to offer.

Sienna Hills is a planned community of new homes in Buckeye priced from the high $100s. Visit us online to learn more about our location in “Arizona’s Biggest Small Town.”